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Columbus Online Auctions is a ‘virtual shopping center’. GTC Online Auctions LLC (Gary Grizzle, Owner) owns the virtual shopping center, independent contractors known as auction writers rent space within this virtual shopping center. As in the case of an actual shopping center, each auction is independently owned and operated, have their own company policies and control their own product. As the Owner, GTC Online Auctions LLC, is not involved in the daily business of any of the online auction writers and does not represent/own their inventory. All questions and comments about individual auctions should be directed to the Auction Manager listed in each individual auction.

Agreeing to these terms and conditions will acknowledge and create a legal and binding contract to purchase, with obligation to remove from the seller’s location, all items bid on and won within posted time parameters, as well pay certain costs above and beyond the bid price.

Cash is preferred. Credit Cards are accepted with an additional 3% service fee. Checks are NOT ACCEPTED.

A Buyers Premium is a common industry-wide practice and sometimes called a convenience fee. In addition to your purchase, an additional 11% Buyers Premium will be added to your invoice.

Items will only be available for pickup during the designated time listed on each individual auction. Items not picked up within the designated time are considered abandoned and bidder may loose their bidding privileges and be prevented in participating in any future auctions.

Please inspect all photos as to condition and finish of items being offered for auction. Some photos presented are stock photos supplied by the original shipper/seller and are representative of the item, not the exact item listed for auction. Descriptions of the item being offered are the interpretations of the auction writer. It is recommended to take advantage of previews before placing bids on items to insure the item meets your expectations. Call, text or email the Auction Manager listed on the Auction site for any questions.

All items sold on this website may be: used, antique, refurbished, damaged, refinished, unfinished, incomplete, with flaws, overstock, or have been returned to the retailer for an unknown reason. Boxed, wrapped or packaged items from the retailer or shipper are not opened or seen by the writer and therefore cannot be guaranteed or warranted as to the contents. It is recommended to take advantage of previews before placing bids on items to insure the item meets your expectations. Call, text or email the Auction Manager listed on the Auction site for any questions to avoid any disappointments.

Each auction posted on Columbus Online Auctions is written or hosted by an independent contractor (Auction Manager). Each auction on the virtual shopping center site will have its own contact phone number and email address. Call, text or email the Auction Manager listed on the Auction site for any questions.

Prior to bidding, Please contact the Auction Manager for the availability of this service.

Bring packing material and boxes for the items you have purchased. For oversized or heavier items you must provide your own tools and assistance for removal and loading of you items.

Invoices are sent before midnight of the day the auctions end, however on occasion it could be as late as 10am the following day. Columbus Online Auctions sends approximately .5 million emails weekly. Please check your Spam File. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider), will at times put email into your ‘Spam or Trash’ box. Your ISP does this at random, forcing you to agree that our notices are not spam. Invoices are sent via email the same evening as the auction ends. If you feel the invoice is delayed call the AUCTION MANAGER at the number provided. NOTE: It is incumbent upon you to locate your invoice, find the location, or contact us prior to the end of the auction pick up time, in order to retain your bidding privileges. A copy of the invoice will be available at the Pick-Up location.

If you have failed to pay for an item, or failed to timely pick-up items, your bidding privileges have been revoked. If acceptable to the Owner (GTC Online Auctions LLC), your privileges may be restored by paying for the purchase in full or paying a 35% re-stocking fee for the loss of revenue due to the items not having been sold.

Only available on auctions offering this service. Bread Box Transportation to the REYNOLDSBURG DEPOT, (7500 East Main Street 43068) is available on items purchased from applicable catalogs, only if the items are paid for by phone (along with applicable charges) within the pickup times posted. The window of time to pick up your items if ”Bread Boxed’ is 7 days. After 7 days, items not picked up will be considered abandoned and resold or disposed of.

Only available on auction catalogs offering this service. (If a particular auction catalog does not offer “Bread Box” transportation, there will be no opportunities for Pick-Up, other than the scheduled posted times and dates. ) A fee of $5 Dollars can be assessed to your invoice for each ‘Bread Box’ sized item or group of items that may be brought back to our main warehouse (The Reynoldsburg Depot). This fee is estimated by the size of the old standard of measure, a ‘bread box’. Larger items are impossible, but if it will fit into a ‘bread box or smaller, or at least in a front seat of a car (multiple bread box’s,) we can bring it back with us (please allow 24 hours for processing). The estimate is in the opinion of the Cashier or the Auction Manager. The actual size of a bread Box is 16″ x 10″ x 7″, but it is up to our opinion to gauge the size of your purchase.. Examples; (How many ‘bread boxes’ is a lamp?) maybe two. A watch, a purse, 3 rings, 3 fishing lures and a contractors hard hat?.. All together, its only one breadbox.) If we agree to transport a slightly larger item, the fee would be multiplied by how many bread boxes would fit into that item (or vise-verse). NOTE: Bread Box items will only be transported if items are paid-in-full with a credit card before the end of the described pick-up time.

All information provided for registration is accepted upon immediate verification, and random verification in the future. You must enter 2 different contact telephone numbers to avoid confirmation delay. Your registration information is matched against a ‘program of probability’. * An area code not matching the zip code (as an example) will be flagged for further investigation. Other mismatched registration information will do the same and may delay your getting a bidder number. * Do not a register a PO Box. * If another individual at the registered address has had bidding privileges suspended, this will prohibit any other individuals’ ability to participate in the auctions.

We retain the full and undisputable right to end, delay, or extend the length of an auction or the time and location of pick-up, for any reason. In addition, any item may be removed from the catalog at any time. The management reserves the right to refuse sale at any time before payment is made and before tittle and ownership is transferred. The item being marked ‘Ended’ or ‘sold’, or the issuance of an invoice requesting payment, does not supersede/override The Managements right to Not Sell, Not Complete or Cancel the sale of such item(s).. In the event of a refund we are only responsible for the actual sale price, buyers premium and sales tax if.

The bidder that has not paid for, or has not removed their items from the auction site, will be subject to The Managements forwarded cost of storage, trucking, re-sale, deficiency balances (like a repossessed car), collection fees (third party), and any legal fees for recouping a loss due to the bidder’s negligence, refusal, or disregard to the above terms. Further: Spurious bids, perceived online harassment, perceived bids placed or intended to cause harm, loss or damage, as well as shoplifting, will be filed as legal complaints to the bidders registered City, County and/or State Police that handle online harassment cases. Online damages are pursuable and rewarded in Small Claim Courts as well as Criminal Courts throughout The United States of America.


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As an added security measure, all new bidders are required to verify their email address.