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Item Photo (Off) Description
1 t01.jpgPair of clear glass prism candlesticks
2 t02.jpgStoneware blue decorated crock Salem falls Dover New Hampshire
3 t03.jpgPair of old store counter bells
4 t04.jpgChevalier Paris opera glasses with mother of pearl
5 t05.jpgDecorated stoneware bowl Salem falls stoneware 1994 Dover New Hampshire
6 t06.jpgCoinspot green glass covered candy and tall covered vessel
7 t07.jpgSilvercrest short pedestal cake plate
8 t08.jpgBrass and cast iron trivets Thomas Jefferson cypher 1951, George Washington cypher Bicentennial, William and Mary cypher 1950, Williamsburg 1957
9 t09.jpg6 collectible spoons Niagara Falls, George Washington, Betty Lou, Heinz
10 t10.jpg4 fancy miniature Sterling silver spoons
11 t11.jpgOfficial Chicago a century of progress sterling spoon, Lunt Sterling modern Victorian sterling spoon, mother of pearl handled serving fork with sterling band
12 t12.jpgPair of clear glass matching oil lamps
13 t13.jpg3 drawer wood wall mount display unit
14 t14.jpgSilver plate Tea set with footed undertray - 2 teapots, cream & sugar, pitcher - Joann Wilcox International Silver Company
15 t15.jpg1 quart liquid oil can mark NYC PA approved type co.
16 t16.jpgCast iron footed cattle cast iron kettle
17 t17.jpgSalmon Falls stoneware 1992 Dover New Hampshire decorated double handle crock
18 t18.jpgBelleek Ireland cream and sugar
19 t19.jpgDecorated stoneware handled oil lamp
20 t20.jpgRoyal Doulton made in England character jugs from Williamsburg Guardsman d6568 1952
21 t21.jpgRoyal Doulton made in England gone away d6531 1959
22 t22.jpgForbes Silver Company quadruple plate wishbone ashtray along with Rosenthal Germany sterling lidded shakers
23 t23.jpgMilk glass two-part rabbit container with glass eyes
24 t24.jpgPatriotic book ends and a patriotic wall mount wood lamp
25 t25.jpgMilk glass two part hen on nest small chip
26 t26.jpgCat's meow 10 pieces
27 t27.jpgHotch-Potch alphabet Williamsburg 1995 Andre dishes
28 t28.jpgChicago printed string company print ad string dispenser
29 t29.jpgClear glass decanter etched Rye
30 t30.jpgFramed P Buckley Moss print artist signed in pencil number 425 title Dutch love 1990
31 t31.jpgFramed P Buckley Moss Cottage visitor artist signed 104 of 1000 - artist signed on glass as well as print
32 t32.jpgAmber glass anvil shaped toothpicks and amber glass coinspot shakers
33 t33.jpg7 pieces Wedgewood including Christmas ornament, cup and saucer, covered boxes, ashtray
34 t34.jpgWilliamsburg Virginia Shirley Jefferson silver plate cup 2000 & Plantation Olde Virginea jar company reproduction of 18th century delft apothecary and tobacco jar with pineapple motif
35 t35.jpgPM Bavaria cherub scene decorated bowl
36 t36.jpgWedgwood candle holders and vase
37 t37.jpgFramed Godey style fashion print and mother poem
38 t38.jpgWood drawers and file box
39 t39.jpg16 varying size apothecary glass jars with lids
40 t40.jpgAssorted brown transferware dishes assorted makers
41 t41.jpgRoyal Doulton made in England Tam o'Shanter D6632 1972 character mug
42 t42.jpgRoyal Doulton made in England character jugs from Williamsburg apothecary D6567 1962
43 t43.jpgMemorial edition sinking of the Titanic thrilling stories told by survivors book 1912
44 t44.jpgHighly decorated jewelry casket
45 t45.jpgWeighted sterling silver candy dish
46 t46.jpgBlue and white porcelain salt box
47 t47.jpgWilliamsburg Pottery decorated candle holder & inkwell along with a decorated Pennsylvania crock
48 t48.jpgLift top wood salt box and a wood wall mount envelope holder
49 t49.jpgSewing machine wall mount shelf
50 t50.jpgCast eagle plaque and eagle wall mount shelf

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