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Item Photo Description
1 t01.jpgAntique Doctors Examination Table 48x20x31
2 t02.jpgOval Top Table 26x14x23
3 t03.jpgCircular Top Turned Base Plant Stand 21x26.5
4 t04.jpgElectric Singer Sewing Machine in Cabinet w/ Stool 24x17.5x31
5 t05.jpgHeinz Dept. 56 Heritage Village Collection - Street Clock, Grocery Store, 1st Heinz Factory, House and Hitch Wagon Plus Anchor Pickles & Vinegar Works Heinz Noble Co. Horseradish Jar - All Items New in Box, Winning Bidder Will Get A Set That Has Never Been Opened
6 t06.jpgWooden Sailing Ship Model - 36" Long 29" High
7 t07.jpgPRR Pennsylvania Railroad Keystone No.89 Lantern w/ Orange Glass Globe
8 t08.jpgPenn Central Adlake Railroad Lantern w/ Dark Red Glass Shade
9 t09.jpgLIRR Conductor Cap
10 t10.jpgMarx Stream Line Steam Type Electrical Train Set in Box
11 t11.jpgAmerican Flyer No. 23796 Saw Mill Train Accessory in OB AC Gilbert Co.
12 t12.jpgMar Lines Railroad Crossing Bell and Railroad Crossing Gate (No Marking)
13 t13.jpgPlasticville Hospital Kit HS-6 Bachman Bros.
14 t14.jpg4 Plasticville Kits in OB - Diner, Playground, Barn and Ranch House
15 t15.jpg4 Plasticville Kits in OB - Covered Bridge, House Under Construction, Greenhouse and Roadside Stand
16 t16.jpgWooden Christmas Scene Fence in OB - Valley Novelty Works
17 t17.jpgBlue & White Salt Box w/ Wood Lid - Germany 9131
18 t18.jpgThe Old west Collection Framed US Nickels and Pennies
19 t19.jpgFramed Print "Buffet-Headed Duck" 32x25.5 Frame Size
20 t20.jpg2 Zippo Lighters - Western Electric Safety Award and Blank
21 t21.jpgRosen-Nesor Advertising Lighter Grants Truck Stop Dave Gant Boise Idaho
22 t22.jpgHalloween Costumes - Collegeville / Ben Copper Et, Raggedy Ann and The Count
23 t23.jpgHardback World War II Books
24 t24.jpgAdolf Hitler's Mein Kampf and German Nazi Related War Books
25 t25.jpgTraditions by Fausti Field Hunter Over Under 20 GA/26"-3" CT3 , B32650
26 t26.jpgBPI-New Frontier Muzzle loading Beartooth Magnum, Made in Spain, Black Powder Only, .50 Cal 1:28 Twist - Barrel, has minor rusting
27 t27.jpgReloading Supplies - RCBS Die Set 9MM Luger, MRC Improved Loader, Etc.
28 t28.jpgReloading and Cleaning Supplies / Tools
29 t29.jpgFederal 30-06 Springfield Bullets and Casings, Remington 25-06 Remington Casings, Remington 222 Bullets, Remington 30-06 Bullets and Others
30 t30.jpgRemington & Western Super X 30-30 Winchester - 32 Total Bullets the Remainder are Casings
31 t31.jpgShotgun Shells
32 t32.jpg22 Cartridges - Junior, Thunderbolt and Others
33 t33.jpgWinchester 44 Rem Mag Bullets
34 t34.jpgWood Workers Chisels Including Buck Bros.
35 t35.jpg2 Penna. Resident Hunter Tags 1946 & 1959
36 t36.jpgVintage Tools Including Wood Mallet, Square, Athol No.500, Lufkin Rule and More
37 t37.jpgAmericana Trick or Treat Pumpkin Man Halloween Decoration
38 t38.jpgAmericana Halloween Pumpkin Figures
39 t39.jpgHalloween Decorations - Black Cat, Baskets and Feather Tree Style Holder
40 t40.jpgLemax Spooky Town Tombeay Maudit Halloween Display House w/ OB
41 t41.jpgHand Painted Gold Trimmed Decanter Set
42 t42.jpgEtched Stemware and Tumblers
43 t43.jpgArauz Decorative Deer Antler Wall Hanger
44 t44.jpgHalloween Decoration - Metal Candle Holder and Pumpkin
45 t45.jpgMarquis by Waterford Crystal Vase
46 t46.jpgDecorative Wall Plaques - Hard Foam Material Approx. 30x22
47 t47.jpgGlassware and Pottery
48 t48.jpgSheepdog Collection - Candle, Porcelain and Resin Materials
49 t49.jpgWendell August Forge PA Grouse Assn. Plate
50 t50.jpgGarden Treasures Gazing Ball

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