Category: ALL (335 records) Antiques and Collectibles Auction - March 17 thru March 23

Item Photo Description
1 t01.jpgHamilton Economy Architects Drafting Table
2 t02.jpgMahogany Kneehole Desk - As Found
3 t03.jpgRefinished Oak Kneehole Desk
4 t04.jpgVictorian Scroll Cut Hall Tree w/ Glove Box and Original Cast Iron Drip Pan
5 t05.jpgMahogany Nightstand
6 t06.jpgToledo Drafting Table Adjustable Stool
7 t07.jpgKyosho Fairwind Model Sailing Boat
8 t08.jpgHamilton 4 Section Oak Optometrist Cabinet 31x18.5x55 - Loaded w/ Lenses
9 t09.jpgAntique International Punch Time Clock in Oak Cabinet 17x11x44
10 t10.jpgZenith Transoceanic Portable Tube Radio w/ Paper Work
11 t11.jpgBrass Chandelier
12 t12.jpgEtched Glass Stemware
13 t13.jpgRoad Service Truck w/ Street Sign in OB - Asahitoy
14 t14.jpgMarx Pluto Tin Litho Key Wind Roll Over Walt Disney 1939
15 t15.jpgHubley Kiddie Toy Cast Firetruck No.463
16 t16.jpgPainted Wood Toy Ferry Boat
17 t17.jpg3 Older Cameras - Petri 35, Kodak Motormatic 35 and Revere Model 88 Cine Camera
18 t18.jpgCarved Bulldog Tobacco Pipe
19 t19.jpgCarved Nude Tobacco Pipe
20 t20.jpg6 Tobacco Pipes Including Meerschaum
21 t21.jpgCase and Boker Pocket Knives
22 t22.jpgGerman Oxford Straight Razor w/ Lizard Decorated Handle
23 t23.jpgAmerican Flamingo Plate - JJ Audubon
24 t24.jpg3 Framed Cream of Wheat Ads
25 t25.jpg3 Matted Cream of Wheat Ads
26 t26.jpgFramed Black Americana Print "Blackbirds" by WF Bell
27 t27.jpgBlack Americana String Holder
28 t28.jpgBlack Mammy Cookie Jar
29 t29.jpgThe War of the Nations Portfolio Book
30 t30.jpgAdvertising Matchbook Collection
31 t31.jpgShaker Style Wood Cheese Box
32 t32.jpg4 Carved Wood Tribal Masks
33 t33.jpg2 Carved Stone Decorated ??
34 t34.jpgCarved Wood Tribal and Oriental Figures
35 t35.jpgSlanted Leaded Glass Display Case w/ Hand Painted on Metal Middle Eastern Soldier
36 t36.jpgAssortment of Buttons Including Military, Cloverleaf, Mercury Head Dime, Etc.
37 t37.jpgImez Russian IJ70-18A 9MM Makarov Pistol - No Clip
38 t38.jpgImez Russian IJ70-18A 9MM Makarov Pistol - No Clip
39 t39.jpgAntique Revolver
40 t40.jpgGerman V.C. Schilling Suhl WWI Bayonet w/ Sheath
41 t41.jpgBrass Powder Flask w/ Civil War US Design
42 t42.jpgItaly CVA Bowie Hunting Knife w/ Sheath
43 t43.jpgJ. Rabone & Sons England Rule w/ Protractor End and Level
44 t44.jpg3 Stanley No. 66 1/2 Rules
45 t45.jpgRedskin Brand Chewing Tobacco Brass Spittoon
46 t46.jpgChips Style Motorcycle Helmet
47 t47.jpgBullet Proof Vest - Model Male Carrier
48 t48.jpgRoy Rogers & Gabby Hayes Collector Limited Edition BB Gun by Daisy - New in Box
49 t49.jpgRoyal Doulton Bride (White) HN 3284 Figurine w/ OB
50 t50.jpgRoyal Doulton Lady Doulton 1995 Lily HN 3626 Figurine Michael Doulton Exclusive w/ OB

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