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Item Photo (Off) Description
1 t01.jpgHand woven African vessel
2 t02.jpgCarved wood African mask
3 t03.jpgHand made African arrows with forged metal tips and quiver
4 t04.jpgGrey enamelware small cream can with lid
5 t05.jpgYonezawa Toys Friction powered Talking Fire Chief Car in box
6 t06.jpgAntique all wood spinning wheel
7 t07.jpgVintage Emerson electric metal bladed fan
8 t08.jpgVintage Westinghouse electric metal bladed fan
9 t09.jpgReverse painted 6 panel shade spelter copper and silver arts and crafts style base
10 t10.jpgCrossbow
11 t11.jpgMarlin Firearms Co Model 336 Lever Action rifle RCF8280
12 t12.jpgWinchester Model 94 30-30 Lever Action Rifle 4460582
13 t13.jpgCustom .257 Roberts Varmint rifle
14 t14.jpgTaurus "Wizard" multi-interchangeable barrel single shot rifle with 4 different calibers, IE 30-06, .270 Win, .243 win and 20 gauge shot gun. Along with a Nikon Arostaff 3-9X variable scope
15 t15.jpgItalian Carcano bolt action rifle. Refinished stock, bayonet. Brescia
16 t16.jpgElshener Schwyz military bayonet with sheath
17 t17.jpgHS Elshener Schwyz Model 1914 pioneer Bayonet
18 t18.jpgVintage US M6 Bayonet Knife VIETNAM Era Milpar Col w/ M8A1 Scabbard V.P. CO.
19 t19.jpgMolded lead handled knife with decorated blade marked Toledo
20 t20.jpgHitler Abseits Vom Alltag (Hitler Aside His Daily Routine) Dated 1937 WITH 100 PHOTOS OF THE FÜHRER ON THE OBERSALZBERG AND AT MANY OTHER PLACES THROUGHOUT THE GERMAN REICH - book is fair condition cover is heavily worn
21 t21.jpg4 partial boxes of Remington & Federal Premium 257 Roberts ammunition
22 t22.jpgFramed antique University Diploma
23 t23.jpgDecorative colored glass window - Ducks
24 t24.jpgAfrican tribal wood statue (chipped) and Satin Stain Kit
25 t25.jpgCoca Cola Pitcher and Drinking Glasses
26 t26.jpgCoca Cola Pitcher and Drinking Glasses
27 t27.jpgLiberace cigarette piano shaped dispenser with original shipping box
28 t28.jpgCarving set in carved wooden holder
29 t29.jpgMidland Xtra Talk set of 2 hand held radios
30 t30.jpgCopper kettle
31 t31.jpgRoyal Crown Cola advertising wood bottle crate
32 t32.jpgBlasting Caps and Prunes wood boxes
33 t33.jpgWooden keg with metal bandings
34 t34.jpgAssorted marbles including shooters
35 t35.jpgAssorted marbles including shooters
36 t36.jpgMarbles 2 blade knife in original box 100 Years
37 t37.jpgArt glass dish marked Chalet
38 t38.jpgMeet the Beatles 33 1/3 RPM record and pins
39 t39.jpgVintage Hamilton Beach electric milk shake maker
40 t40.jpgAssorted collector books including Zippo, Fenton and others
41 t41.jpg1998 Paramount Pictures Star Trek wrist watch in case
42 t42.jpgMagnetic Motor Corp Model 7100 vintage child's metal record player with cowboy decoration
43 t43.jpgHit Camera made in Japan - miniature camera in leather case SPY ??
44 t44.jpgUS Military pin, Swastika emblem pin and other
45 t45.jpgBulova ladies wrist watch in Bulova case
46 t46.jpg2 change holder compacts
47 t47.jpgAssorted costume jewelry including bakelite pins and more
48 t48.jpgQuantity arrow heads and miniature padlock
49 t49.jpgFishing lures including CCBCO, South Bend and others plus a Pflueger Nobby reel
50 t50.jpgBee and Butterfly pins, necklace and bracelet

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