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Item Photo (Off) Description
1 t01.jpgVictorian marble top washstand - marble top has scalloped back splash 2 elevated holders - base has single drawer over double door with applied carvings and carved pulls, pillars side columns, inset panel doors
2 t02.jpgFramed calligraphy sampler - Flourishing The Queen of Arts - signed J.A. Francis
3 t03.jpgDated 1841 Julie Kobold Bertha Miller Sampler framed - letters and numbers, red stitching on white background, floral design
4 t04.jpgArt deco double handled pottery vase multi color glazed 7"
5 t05.jpgFostoria Holly Pattern 33 pieces etched stemware - 3 different varieties
6 t06.jpgMosaic tile work wall pocket
7 t07.jpgRoman Driven Chariot deco lamp - appears to be copper
8 t08.jpgEarly soft paste child's ABC plate Hunt Scene C.A. & Sons England
9 t09.jpg4 pieces Fostoria Coin glassware - shakers, Handled Nappy and serving bowl
10 t10.jpg9 clear glass candle sticks
11 t11.jpgFlo blue / Blue & White Oriental themed plates - Scinde Oriental Stone A&G Alcoc? and Wedgwood & Co.
12 t12.jpgBenington Bowl and brown glazed crockery pitcher
13 t13.jpgNautical themed brass covered glass decanter - Made in Sweden 9"
14 t14.jpgEtched glass lidded lemonade pitcher with artglass finial & applied handle
15 t15.jpgPattern glass lidded compote with Lion finial
16 t16.jpgBurled wood lidded tobacco and pipe holder 10"
17 t17.jpgPattern and pressed glass cake pedestals
18 t18.jpg5 flo blue New Wharf Pottery England Astoria Royal Semiporcelain plates 9"
19 t19.jpgWeight set in wood case - 2 missing
20 t20.jpgFostoria Coinspot glassware - lidded compote and candlesticks
21 t21.jpgSilver overlay candlesticks and Black & Orange twist candlesticks
22 t22.jpgTransferware and softpaste plates - Grape J.F., Pearl Stone Ware "The Temple", Ironstone Sydenham J. Clemenston, W. Adams & Sons Jeddo, etc.
23 t23.jpgMarble / Onyx Horse Head bookends
24 t24.jpgFramed Watercolor - One Room Amish Schoolhouse New Wilmington PA signed Foster Gnall (?)
25 t25.jpgMiniature copper pitcher and kettle
26 t26.jpgThumbprint Cranberry glass 10" vase
27 t27.jpg12 assorted early pattern glass goblets
28 t28.jpg2 clear glass oil lamps - one is hand painted
29 t29.jpgItaly decorated lidded canisters 10"
30 t30.jpgBrass Naughty ashtray and Sailor head plaque
31 t31.jpgSears and Remington Shotgun Shell boxes - some shells in each
32 t32.jpg2 pattern glass lidded compotes
33 t33.jpg3 piece purple glass console set trimmed in gold paint
34 t34.jpgFreehand decorated 6 gallon double ear crock - crack
35 t35.jpgBessie Pease Gutmann framed baby print
36 t36.jpgFramed woods scene watercolor artist signed Charles Raisbeck '62
37 t37.jpgWatercolor pond scene artist signed IM Sterling '99 in frame
38 t38.jpg
39 t39.jpgReversible blue and orange 2 panel coverlet signed LW
40 t40.jpgHand sewn child's quilt with yellow border
41 t41.jpgRoseville double handled vase Peony 1942 70-18 (actual measurement is 18.75") - see pics for condition
42 t42.jpgRoseville White Rose double handled vase 1940 653-6
43 t43.jpg
44 t44.jpgLinen Table Cloths
45 t45.jpgPair of framed Risque prints Steinler (?)
46 t46.jpgFramed Harrison Fisher print dated 1909
47 t47.jpgFramed Sampler Bell Blackburn 1767 Letters and Numbers - Dominant green and red stitching
48 t48.jpgLinen table cloths including diecut and needle point
49 t49.jpg3 linen table clothes -
50 t50.jpgKellogg oak case crank wall phone - damage to ear piece, inside appears to be complete, very nice condition

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